Pictures of Steph & Kees' holiday in France May 2004

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089: We left Hengelo around 15:00h and stopped around 20:30h to stay the night near Nancy. Driving mostly south through Germany and Luxembourg we set a new speed record for the small car at 193 real km/h (120mph), measured with the Garmin etrex I picked up in December in Seattle. Picture of Hotel La Haie des Vignes while Stephanie is loading for leaving on the morning of May 4th.
090: Arriving at my brother Arjen's hobby farm in BoucÚ, France, the next afternoon. Total drive time from Hengelo: 10 hours.

Exact GPS location is:
N 46.29128 degrees
E 3.48059 degrees
Altitude 269 meter

091: My brother Arjen & Petra's kids: Kyra and Tosca playing in the garden.
092: At a restaurant in Varennes-sur-Allier, where kids' meals are gourmet, too.

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